I spent the first part of my life doing whatever everybody else wanted me to do. I’ve been called selfish, but I look back, and people I thought were my friends left me doubting myself.  People can do that to you, if you let them. Selfish people call you selfish. So one day, something changed in my mind. I realized that some people will tell you whatever you want to hear to get what they want. And they will do whatever they want.

There are certain people who I let get too close to me, because I didn’t know better. Each one of them are master manipulators. I don’t know if it’s genetics, how we are raised, or if some people are just evil.

Experiencing these people has allowed me to open up my mind. I now think, for once, this is bullshit. Why are you making everyone else happy, instead of making yourself happy? I worked myself sick, just to give someone else something they wanted, that they didn’t have.  Why didn’t I take myself out to dinner? Why didn’t I go have a mani/pedi when I wanted. Maybe I needed to become a little of what I was being accused of by the narcissists.